a-Gnostics History Long

October 2022, as part of the Land4Developers project, which is designed to promote Ukrainian companies on the international market, we interviewed SoftElegance executives about their products, projects and prospects. Video is available.

October 2022, 2 events in Czech Republic. Smart Export Forum, Czech Republic & Ukraine, and Trade Show & Exhibition, the event dedicated to Industry 4.0, Industrial Automation, Predictive Analytics, and many more. Report from the Exhibition.

September 2022, elevator pitch of Di-agnostics service. It's about the main product of a-Gnostics, Di-agnostics – Industrial AI sound analytics SaaS for predicting failures in heat engines and electric motors to help enterprises simplify their work and reduce maintenance costs.

September 2022, Yaroslav Nedashkovskyi comments about Carbon, the new programming language from Google that might replace C++, for the media DOU. A few years ago we've developed digital twin of oil rig using C++.

July 2022, Andrii Starzhynskyi comments for IT Ukraine Association about current situation with business.

June 2022, Memorandum of understanding: a-Gnostics and National University of Food Technology, NUFT had a very fruitful discussion and collaboration plan.

May 2022, Tech Demo at The Global Digital Development Forum together with Singapore partners. The 2022 GDDF is organized by USAID, Chemonics, Deloitte, TechChange and more. a-Gnostics topic is "Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for remote evaluation and monitoring for industrial equipment in the agritech, energy and other sectors."

April 2022, Machine Learning and Industrial Data Science video, co-founders Andrii and Yaroslav discuss the topic with colleague from NUFT University.

March 2022, blog post about Artificial Intelligence and electricity consumption forecasts in Ukraine, or how a-Gnostics solutions work during the war.

January 2022, Challenger Accelerator, presentation during the Challenger AI | Ideathone 1 for the AI/ML startups. We've shared our experience how to run startup from idea and acceleration to production for enterprises.

December 2021, ⚡, contract with Ukrenergo. a-Gnostics and State Enterprise National Power Company "Ukrenergo", transmission system operator with the functions of operational and technological control of the Integrated Power System of Ukraine, officially signed the Agreement. AI power to Ukraine!

December 2021, a-Gnostics joined IT Ukraine, the largest national association of IT companies that represents the interests of more than 65,000 IT professionals.

October 2021, 🏭, contract with Metinvest. We were pleased to bring into production one more data science model for the Ukrainian enterprise. Metinvest is an international vertically integrated mining and metallurgical group of companies that uses the advantages of artificial intelligence in its daily work.

September 2021, a-Gnostics booth at U Tomorrow Summit. It was a pleasure to have non-virtual participation at such big and insightful event, video about new solution Di-agnostic available.

August 2021, documentary film about Ukrainian startup ecosystem, by Innovation Agency of Azerbaijan. Chapter about a-Gnostics and the first approach to Di-agnostics.

June 2021, we were proud to be at the list of Top-30 Ukrainian Seed-Stage Tech Startups with Global Focus. See Top Seed Stage Tech startups with Global Focus and R&D in Ukraine.

May 2021, interview for Ucluster, media that connects Ukrainian regional clusters of entrepreneurs, academia and local authorities. The main topic is how to apply AI\ML to predict failures of industrial equipment.

April 2021, a-Gnostics technical details for DOU, the largest Ukrainian community of software developers. We've provided details on how to launch to production system with more than 100,000 predictive analytics models and make more than 1M forecasts. English version.

December 2020, DTEK CEO Maxim Timchenko about signed agreement with a-Gnostics, and its strategy 2030. DTEK Group enterprises produce electricity at solar, wind and thermal power plants, mine coal and natural gas, trade energy resources on Ukrainian and foreign markets, distribute electricity and manage power grids infrastructure, supply consumers with electricity, offer energy efficient solutions, and expand a network of fast charging stations for electric vehicles.

December 2020, ⚙️, contract with Darnytsʹka Tets. We were looking forward to work with another Ukrainian industrial enterprise to use the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

November 2020, an article at AIN.Capital, an online publication dedicated to the growing European tech ecosystem, about a-Gnostics solution and the history of Electricity Consumption Forecasts.

August 2020, 🌾, сontract with MHP, Intelligent Assistant was launched to production, the largest producer and exporter of chicken in Ukraine. The company specializes in the production of chicken and in the cultivation of cereals, as well as other agricultural activities, like manufacture of meat and sausage products and ready-to-eat meat products. More than 35 enterprises use it on a daily basis.

July 2020, a-Gnostics Energy Consumption Forecast was selected to Top-5 cases at Ukraine Innovation Awards 2020 in category "The Best Corporate-Startup Collaboration" with its two enterprise implementations for the leading international agro-industrial group — MHP, and and the largest private investor in the Ukrainian energy sector — DTEK. Ukraine Innovation Awards supported by USAID.

January 2020, successful piloting at two largest poultry farms of MHP. a-Gnostics solution uses Data Science, and Machine Learning advantages aimed at optimization of industrial consumers electricity expenses.

November 2019, Professor W. Chan Kim, the co-author of Blue Ocean Strategy attended a-Gnostics booth. It was a honor to present our Predictive Analytics solution to the one of the world’s leading business thinker and “Blue Ocean Shift: Beyond Competing”.

September 2019, 💡, contract with DTEK. We were really proud to launch the first industrial data science project into production for truly innovative and leading Ukrainian energy enterprise. The case was to forecast electricity consumption in Kyiv city and to automate the data pipeline.

January 2019, a-Gnostics graduated from Energy accelerator, a competition program by Radar Tech and DTEK support, focused on both the business needs and the solutions, which can be applied in the energy sphere, with the Energy Consumption Forecasts solution.

October 2018, start of Energy accelerator by Radar Tech.

November 2017, a-Gnostics was selected from 400 participants to 40 finalists of Bind 4.0 – the world’s first startup competition that provides access to high-level Industry 4.0 customers, in San Sebastián.

February 2017, video about Artificial Intelligence. Andrii and Yaroslav took part at Live Brain TV Night Show and discussion about AI development in Ukraine.

October 2016, first presentation 'Spark—Universal Computation Engine for Processing Oil Industry Data' at Spark Summit Brussels.
The next day after the presentation we've decided that October 28 will be a-Gnostics Birthday 🎈


2011, Yaroslav Nedashkovskyi, a-Gnostics co-founder and CTO, joined SoftElegance. More than a decade he has been working in the role of system architect, technical team lead, and senior software developer. Yaroslav has exceptional technical skills, and real passion is machine learning.

2010, Andrii Starzhynskyi, a-Gnostics co-founder and CEO, joined SoftElegance. More than a decade he has provided software development outsourcing services to his customers, successful and not successful startups, as well as enterprises from the US and the EU.

1993, Andriy Stolbov, a-Gnostics co-founder and chairman of the board, founded SoftElegance, custom software development company. Since that time, hundreds of projects for dozens of customers were successfully implemented, including SaaS systems, sophisticated business solutions, engineering applications, and business processes automation software. A variety of companies, ranging from dynamic small and medium to Fortune 500, across oil and gas, drilling, engineering, manufacturing industries use its services and solutions.